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Honest Living and Loving
Images by Whitney Richardson Photography

Images by Whitney Richardson Photography

In this relatable episode, I sit down with Gage Horne, a stellar videographer and all-around solid guy. (He also shot my brand video for The Nativist.)

We hit multiple topics, but the common threads are honesty and authenticity. We discuss how to have the hard conversations with your partner and yourself (this part might surprise you) and how to bridge communication gaps and eliminate walls with others. We also advocate the strength demonstrated by expressing your emotions, and the importance of reliability. 

Find Gage at:

Instagram: @gagehornestudios


Facebook: Gage Horne Studios

Permission to B E

This episode is for you if:

  • You feel lost without a passion/purpose

  • You feel burned out

  • You feel sick of people/SOCIETY urging you to hustle/push hard/find your passion/get that “bread”

  • You feel ashamed/guilty for being satisfied with the “simple life”

If you relate to any of the above, I dedicate this episode to Y O U.


Mental Notes: The crucial conversation about mental health

This is a particularly powerful episode, and one I’ve wanted to do for awhile. I sit down with Sydnie Hammon, who bravely shares her story on living with anxiety and depression, as well as the aftermath of her recent suicide attempt. In honor of Suicide Awareness Month, we tackle the stigma-saturated subject of mental health - a topic that is increasingly relevant and important.

This is an episode for everyone, as mental health affects every single one of us. Comprehensive health includes mental health. Even if you personally have not experienced mental illness as of now, you likely know someone who has/does/will. And this episode isn’t just about mental illness, it’s about mental health in general, and how to nurture it.

We discuss contributing factors, possible red flags, and helpful resources. We offer guidance on holding space for others and yourself, what/what not to say to those facing tough times, and how to love yourself and others through it all.

Please - I strongly urge you to listen. And Sydnie and I are always always here for you if you need.

Find Sydnie on Instagram at @sydniiieee


  • Suicide Prevention Hotline 24/7

    • Chat or call 1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255)

  • National Institute of Mental Health

    • Crisis Text Line (text HELLO to 741741)

  • The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

  • The Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav

Love you all,


Baring M O R E Whitness


This is the second part to the two-part Baring Whitness podcast episode where I sit down with my amiga Veronica and answer whatever questions she throws my way.

The rawness continues. We hit a range of topics, including my biggest fear (it’s a little unconventional), my game changers, and how I achieved the mindset I have now.

Hope you enjoy.



Find Veronica on Instagram at @veronicasidahome

Baring Whitness

This two-part series is unlike any of the previous episodes. This time, I’M in the hot seat and answer questions from my gorgeous friend Veronica (even her name is hot). I get RAW and let you in to the inner world of Whitney Richardson. I share the reason for starting the Nativist, what intimidates me, what I struggle with…and SO.MUCH.MORE. I reveal things I’ve never shared before - not even with my closest amigos. I “bare” all and bear “Whitness.”

This is Veronica’s first time interviewing and I think you’ll agree…she’s a N A T U R A L. She suggested the interview, brought the heat with the questions, and knocked it out of the park. Peep her on Instagram at @veronicasidahome.



Model Behavior

Janiah Image 1.jpeg

In this episode, I interview model Janiah DeLancy, an old soul whose spirit matches her beauty.

In our conversation, we go below the surface and dive into the depths. Janiah shares how she broke into the biz, what it’s like working with other models, how she stays grounded in a profession focused on looks, and how she didn’t take “no” for an answer. If you’re craving inspiration on resilience, nerve, and motivation, this is for you. And if you’re wanting a kick in the pants to make your dreams happen, this is especially for you!

Janiah image 3.jpeg

Janiah image 2.jpeg
Janiah Image 4.jpeg
The Silhouette of Fear with Thunderstorm Artis

Thunderstorm Artis

He’s an old soul with new music. Everything about Thunderstorm Artis emanates depth and soul, from his name to his music. When I first heard him sing, I stopped what I was doing and lost myself in it for a good 1/2 hour. He’s that good. He took time amid his traveling and touring to share his cool story and talk life. We dig into everything from reframing your fears to connecting with others to facing your shadows to impacting the world to developing your voice (in more ways than one).

My guess is by the end you’ll feel both zen and motivated. What more could you want?

Find him on YouTube, Spotify, and Instagram (@thunderstormartis). You can also find some of his music under his brother, Ron Artis II on Spotify. Thunderstorm has an EP album, Haunted.

L O V E in the H E A R T and F I R E in the S O U L
Images by Brooke Richardson Photography

Images by Brooke Richardson Photography

For this episode, I sit down with one of my favorite people in this universe: Julie Bixby. Having immigrated to the US from Romania, Julie has a dynamic story and spirit that pull you right in. As a mother, wife, boss babe, and free spirit, Julie continues to dominate whatever life tosses her way, all while looking fabulous and elevating others. This is a wide-ranging conversation on love, life, humanity, and authenticity. As you’ll find at the end, it inspired my phrase: Love in the heart and fire in the soul.

Julie B image 5.jpg
Balancing Your Money and Life with Jackson Wood
Jackson Wood headshot bw.jpg

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Life is about balance.

I sit down with money guru Jackson Wood to discuss how to be financially responsible while still, you know…LIVING LIFE.

If you want to be smart with your money without compromising on the pleasures in life, this is your jam. Prepare to be monetarily motivated.

You can find Jackson Wood at:

Passion and Authenticity with Carlie Stylez
Photo by me (Whitney Ann Photography)

Photo by me (Whitney Ann Photography)

I sit down with my long-time friend and mega boss babe Carlie Stylez to reminisce and talk about...L I F E. About being propelled by drive and ambition. About being empowered by self evolution and self love. About being fulfilled by passion and authenticity. 

Carlie shares her life's journey into vlogging, social media influencing, and motherhood, and how living in the spotlight affects her personally and professionally. Getting her start on her brother Shay Carl's YouTube channel, Shaytards, Carlie has since come into her own, forging a name for herself via her own brand and her involvement with The Mom's View YouTube channel. With her hand in multiple (successful!) business ventures, Carlie knows all too well the elusive quest for balance as she juggles being a mother, a wife, a friend, and an individual.

As always, we get real and we get deep, and we have a bangin' good time doing it.  

You can find Carlie on:

Instagram: @carliestylez // @carliestylezbeauty // @fitnez_with_stylez // @whatsupwoods //@themomsview


Getting Animated and Finishing the Thing with Jason Brubaker
Images by Whitney Ann Photography

Images by Whitney Ann Photography

In this episode, I sit down with Jason Brubaker, a remarkably talented digital artist, graphic novelist, self-published author, and YouTube personality. Jason is at the top of his game, having worked for DreamWorks Animation on such films as the Kung Fu Panda trilogy, Blade, Pitch Black, and Van Helsing, The Croods, Penguins, and Captain Underpants. After almost 20 years in Hollywood, Jason decided to leave and focus on his own graphic novels full time in 2015, for which his thousands of devoted fans are grateful. His first book reMIND won the Xeric grant and got on the Great Graphic Novels for Teens List in 2012.


During this inspiring conversation, Jason speaks to the vulnerability of creativity and originality, the importance of discipline and consistency, and the power of initiative and self belief. Jason shares how resiliency and focus have led him to a life doing what he loves.

Even if you’re not a wildly successful artist like Jason, trust me - this episode will still resonate with and inspire you.

You can find Jason at the following:

Instagram: @jason_brubaker


Website: Online Store: Gumroad Store: Patreon: Twitter @Jason_Brubaker Instagram: @Jason_Brubaker Read Sithrah: Read reMIND:

Join his mailing list:

Just Do It
Nikki image 2.jpg
Nikki Image 1.jpg

She’s a doctor of nursing practice and a nurse practitioner. She’s a mother and wife. She’s a college professor and fitness instructor. She’s a business woman and social media personality. She’s a high viber and manifester.

And underneath all of that - she’s just a grounded, cool, down-to-earth chick.

Dr. Nikki Knight and I sit down to gab about the challenges of juggling multiple obligations, the power of goal setting, and the magic of vision boarding - all while keeping it real.

She shares the wild success she’s had merging conventional medicine with natural healthcare by treating her patients (and family!) with essential oils. If you’ve previously dismissed essential oils as woo woo and non-effective - I’ll be shocked if this episode doesn’t change your mind.

We have some fun and talk some truth. It’s a good time.

You can find Nikki on Instagram at @nikki_glo and at her blog (link in her Instagram bio):

Contact her for all of your doTERRA essential oil needs!

Nikki image 3.jpg

Nikki image 6.jpg
Flipping for Excellence
Justen image 2.jpg

I sit down with Justen Millerbernd, the most decorated tumbling coach in USA gymnastics HISTORY. Yeah, he's that good.

As with most of The Nativist podcasts, this episode is free ranging and fun loving. We discuss everything from discipline and inner drive to empathy and acceptance.

As an insider in the gymnastics world, Justen reveals his take on the recent scandal and how he maintained his integrity and spoke his truth, even if that meant standing alone.

Not only does Justen share his experience of launching into gymnastics greatness (as an athlete turned coach turned gym owner), but also his general approach to living a life of purpose and heart.

Justen currently owns Revolution Sports Center in Pocatello, ID.

audio Block
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Justen image 3.jpg
Be Polite. Pick Up Garbage.
Brady II image 1.jpg

He’s baaaack, dropping even more truth bombs and life inspo.

Brady McLean (@bradytildeath on Instagram) and I cover some major ground in this wide-ranging, free flowing, off-the-cuff conversation.

The good news is, this time the episode with him is only an hour.

The bad news is, this time the episode with him is only an hour.

Images by Brooke Richardson Photography

Images by Brooke Richardson Photography

This was a presentation I provided for the Women’s Networking Group. For those unable to attend, I got yo back - I recorded me giving the same speech!

In this episode, I discuss the importance of setting personal and professional boundaries. It heavily draws from a previous blog post I wrote on the criticality of boundaries in exercising true, lasting compassion.

I hope you love.



All About The Energy with Izzy Ramirez
izzy image 1.jpg

I sit down with the profound and inspirational Israel “Izzy” Ramirez to discuss healing the self and earth through energy and self love.

Drawing from ancient traditions and modern scientific (re)discoveries, Izzy and I discuss best practices for achieving peace with yourself and others. Get ready for an enlightening, thought-provoking conversation on the intelligence of your heart, your body, and your environment.

Believe me, it’s interesting stuff.

Thank you for listening.



izzy image 2.jpg

You can find Izzy at @izzhe_raelight on Instagram or the Facebook page Ancestral Medicine Revival.

izzy image 4.jpg

Living Your Truth with Rachel Laird
Image by Trey Staff (@treyshotz)  Edited by me

Image by Trey Staff (@treyshotz)

Edited by me

Back at it again with my radiant amiga Rachel Laird.

There’s something for everyone in this episode. We delve into: 1. addressing body shaming + parent shaming 2. maintaining •genuine• good vibes by honoring + learning from our emotions to cultivate self awareness 3. communicating effectively 4. maintaining your own identity while being a parent, including ALL parts of your being 5. seeking fulfillment in relationships 6. LIVING AND LETTING LIVE!

letting go for dear life with B R A D Y
Brady Podcast Image 1.jpg

No doubt about it, Brady is a man with soul and depth. One peek at his Instagram account, @bradytildeath , and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

His desire and ability to empower and connect with others are rare, and his messages are powerful and thought-provoking.

In this episode, our wide-ranging conversation includes the liberation of self awareness, the impact of compassion, and the necessity of risk.

Do yourself a favor and listen.

Interview with Eli Gerhard, Globetrotter and Self-Made Man
Eli Podcast Image.jpg

Eli Gerhard is a shining example of someone who lives life out loud. Life doesn’t happen to him; he happens TO life. Hailing from humble beginnings, Eli shows just how far tenacity, hard work, and authenticity can take you. He is the man of a thousand talents, and demonstrates the kind of life that’s possible once you kick excuses to the curb and get out and make it H A P P E N.