living intuitively


getting inside the minds of true inspirations



We all have stories to tell. You do, I do. The person sitting next to you on the airplane. I am truly fascinated by others. People often laughingly comment on the random questions I ask in an attempt to elicit those stories! Diving into the inner workings of others' minds - learning their motivations, back stories, perceptions, and dreams - will never get old. I want to understand why you are who you are and why you do what you do. This serves as an endless source of inspiration, awe, and empathy. Join me as I interview some remarkable people I know to discover what makes them tick.

stories image 1.jpg

Photo + Styilng by Whitney Richardson

Models Chelsea and Todd Van Clair

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Photo + Styling by Whitney Richardson Photography

Models Lily Cuoio


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Photo + Styling by Whitney Richardson Photography

Model Nicole Spinnler

Makeup Rina Shina Beauty