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F I E S T A like there's NO MANAÑA
Images by Brooke Richardson Photography

Images by Brooke Richardson Photography

Life should not only be lived, it should be celebrated.
— Osho

I love celebrating. Celebrating people. Events. Ideas. Progress. Being alive. Tacos.

To me, life is meant to be celebrated.

And as you can see from my examples, I’m an equal opportunity celebrator. Life itself is a celebratable moment. Celebrate the small and big wins

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Celebrate getting out of bed in the morning. Celebrate choosing water over soda. Celebrate your decision to choose love over judgment (toward yourself/others). Celebrate overcoming fear. Celebrate your promotion, your new commitment to a life of health + purpose. Celebrate a perfect record of overcoming everything life has thrown at you. Celebrate being ALIVE.

I truly feel this is one of the keys to a truly happy life.

The more you celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.
— Oprah Winfrey

And I believe people are meant to be celebrated. That’s why I love birthdays so much. Birthdays are an opportunity to celebrate that person’s existence, and their latest trip around the sun.

Celebrating is a way to show our gratitude for what we have. A way to express our appreciation for our blessings in life. A way to say thank you to yourself, to others, to the universe/higher power. And gratitude is ESSENTIAL in life.

Sure, it’s important to exercise discipline, and work hard. As with everything else in life, it’s about balance. But to achieve true balance, we should regularly acknowledge our wins. Not be so consumed by our ambitions that we fail to recognize our accomplishments, and what has gone well in our lives. It’s easy to be consumed by the daily minutiae, or our major objectives. Celebrate the steps you’ve taken, the hills you’ve climbed, the obstacles you’ve overcome on your way to that peak. Don’t wait until you’ve summited to high five yourself/others.

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Small celebrations sustain us along the way. Because guess what’s happening along the way? Life. Life is happening as we’re working toward our goal(s). And life is meant to be celebrated.

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Celebrations can take many forms. They don’t have to come in the form of huge bash with confetti (though those are fun too!). Here are some others ways you can celebrate:

  • Send your friend a thoughtful, appreciative note/text

  • Take a luxurious bubble bath

  • Eat your favorite meal

  • Treat yourself to a massage

  • Buy someone a thoughtful gift

  • Allow yourself extra alone time

  • Booking a photo shoot to show your progress

The options are endless!

Celebrate others. Celebrate life. Celebrate YOU.



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big T I M E
Images by Brooke Richardson Photography

Images by Brooke Richardson Photography

The bad news is time flies. The good news is, you’re the pilot.
— Michael Altshuler

Ever feel like there should be 14 more hours in a day? Like you can’t possibly accomplish all of the items on your want-to-do/need-to-do lists?


I realized this week that I just cannot do it all. So I choose to do what I can fabulously.
— Clinton Kelly

First of all: Let’s accept the fact we will never ever accomplish everything. There will always be un-checked boxes on our want-to-do and your need-to-do lists. Let’s let ourselves off the hook right now and breathe a giant collective sigh of relief. It is what it is and we can do what we can do. You with me?

Awesome. High five. Moving on.

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People often complain about lack of time, when the lack of direction is the problem.
— Zig Ziglar

Knowing that, here are some tricks to stretch your days to get more mileage out of your time.

  • Have a list at the ready (handwritten or recorded on a device, eg phone) of things you want to do/need to do/love to do, so when you get bursts of free time, you don’t waste them away by defaulting to scrolling through social media or zoning out to the TV (never happens, right? RIIIIIIIGHT).

  • Have items on hand:

    • Examples:

      • Art supplies

      • Enticing book

      • Yoga mat

      • Workout clothes

  • Macro over micro: View time in 168-hour segments versus 24-hour segments.

    • Shift your mentality from the need to squeeze things into a 24-hour day, and think about spreading it over a week. Provides a little more breathing room and makes it feel more manageable, right?

  • Ensure “me” to recharge your batteries, if only for 5 minutes. In a locked bathroom. While ignoring “life” outside the door.

    • This will actually boost productivity and help you stay friggin’ sane.

big time image 3.jpg

Remember: It’s not about time management. It’s about SELF management.

And think about this: Maybe if you accomplish everything you set out to do, YOU’RE NOT CHALLENGING YOURSELF ENOUGH!



Stop managing your time. Start managing your focus.
— Robin Sharma
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