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L I T T L E white T E E
Images by Brooke Richardson Photography

Images by Brooke Richardson Photography

I like the sort of nothingness of the jeans and the t-shirt.
— Marc Jacobs

There’s just something about a basic white tee that is so classic. So fresh and so versatile. So timeless.

It can be easily dressed up or down.

white tee image 2.jpg
Make it simple but significant.
— Don Draper

Throw on some sandals or flats or sneaks, and you have a clean, chic look. Slip into stilettos or platforms, and you have a look worthy of a night out. From statement shoes to statement accessories, you can really pump up the look or keep it low key.

The basic white tee is like a blank canvas open to whatever vibe you’re feeling.

white tee image 3.jpg
With good basics you’ll have endless options.

As you can see here, I played around with belts, shoes, and a hat. Simple changes can yield powerful results.



white tee image 4.jpg
white tee image 5.jpg
white tee image 6.jpg
white tee image 7.jpg
white tee image 8.jpg
white tee image 9.jpg

Images by Brooke Richardson Photography

Images by Brooke Richardson Photography

Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.
— Coco Chanel

Lately, I'm all about dressing in neutrals/basic pieces. and either accessorizing minimally (with dainty jewelry, etc) or stepping it up with statement pieces (shoes, jewelry, bold lip, etc). Not only does this make packing for trips easier (SCORE!), but it also creates a more timeless, classic, polished look.


This isn't to say I don't enjoy indulging in the occasional trend (cowboy boots, I'm looking at you!). It just means I'm embracing the simple life. As they say, "Keep it simple, stupid." (K.I.S.S.) Okay, so that may actually refer to writing a paper/delivering a speech can apply here too, so i'm appropriating it. Because I can. And replacing "stupid" with "sweetheart" because "stupid" is just R U D E. Right?! Awesome, knew you'd agree. 


If you're liking the sound of simplicity here are some tips:

  • Stock up on camisoles/tanks/tees in basic colors such as white, black, heather gray, nude, rust, olive green
  • Think minimal! Don't overwhelm the look with excessive layers/accessories/etc. Keep it to one statement piece (e.g. funky shoes, bright lip, or even a fun hair style)
  • The more simple the look, the more fit counts. Ensure flattering fits



Images by Brooke Richardson Photography

Images by Brooke Richardson Photography

Fashion has two purposes: comfort and love. Beauty comes when fashion succeeds.
— Coco Chanel

My sister and I are two verrrryyy different people. She's a brunette, I'm a blondie (the only blonde in the family - she used to delight in trying to convince people I was adopted). She's a sugar booger, I'm a veggie enthusiast. She's a swift decider, I'm a slow ponderer. One of our biggest differences, however, is our approach to fashion. She lives for comfort and I'm willing to defy the elements whenever the weather and my look for the day are at odds.

Overalls image 1.jpg

Wanna hear some great news?! There's a win-win currently trending: overalls! They're easy, they're comfy, and they don't have to be dowdy! Here are some ways you can class them up:

  • Pair with a nice blouse/button-up
  • Style with a graphic tee
  • Wear with a sweater
  • Throw on heels (if you do, opt for form-fitting or short overalls)
  • Add statement jewelry
Overalls image 2.jpg

If you're concerned about looking too frump-a-licious, here's some guidance:

  • Choose form-fitting and/or short overalls
  • if the overalls are baggier, wear with a form-fitting shirt
  • Have a little fun! You're not limited to blue denim. For example, try striped overalls, or white denim. 
Overalls image 3.jpg
xx,  -w-



On The Fringe
Images by Brooke Richardson Photography

Images by Brooke Richardson Photography

Fashion is what you buy. Style is what you do with it.

I have so many random pieces in my closet. As with many things in my life, I like to have options. Whether we're talking a fragrance, lippy, shoe, or jacket, I've never liked limiting myself to just one, or even just a few. Not only are my tastes versatile, but I'm always compelled to align my current mood/vibe with my scent/look. (This also extends to music and candle selections, but enough about that.) For me to fulfill this urge, I need a sufficient selection!

on the fringe image 4.jpg

As a stylist and photographer, having a wide-ranging wardrobe with random pieces spanning multiple decades/eras is invaluable. Literally money in the bank. It's fantastic for business and for my creative needs. If a client wants a retro look, BOOM. I'm all over it. If I feel inspired to style and shoot a '90s grunge concept shoot, I'm set. The tradeoff is having a garage full of clothing because you ran out of space inside. Oops. Owning my own clothing boutique has most definitely enabled contributed. 

on the fringe image 1.jpg

I adore the thought of minimizing it all to a capsule wardrobe (a collection of a few essential items that don't go out of fashion, which can then be augmented with seasonal pieces). I find beauty and value in reducing my wardrobe to a small number of classic, quality, timeless pieces. Creating my own personal style legacy, in a sense. But then a rad gold puffer jacket catches my eye, or a darling romper, and the collection grows. 

on the fringe image 5.jpg

It makes my heart sing to have a wide variety to choose from, and to throw random pieces together, like this animal print top with a fringe vest. The hat is from Zara (my fave store), a gift from my sister during our last trip to NYC (isn't she the best?). 


Which do you prefer: a broad closet or a capsule wardrobe?




on the fringe image 1.jpg
Images by Brooke Richardson Photography

Images by Brooke Richardson Photography

One can speak poetry just by arranging colors well.
— Vincent Van Gogh

Color is so fun to play with when getting dressed. It can have a powerful effect on the vibe you're projecting. This rings true for guys and girls. Think about it - if some dude showed up in a fuchsia suit, what's your first impression? Obviously, the man doesn't take himself too seriously, right? He's likely playful, knows how to have some fun. Color is the easiest avenue for self expression.

I love working with varying shades and hues to achieve a monochromatic look. As you see in the pictures here, I paired a maroon turtleneck with a popping red.

It doesn't all have to be in your clothes. Try pairing a punchy orange lip with a muted peach top, or an emerald clutch with a moss green outfit. 

Monochromatic image 2.jpg

Spring is a perfect time to experiment and brighten it up with new, fresh color combos. 


Monochromatic image 3.jpg


What color combos are YOU going to try out this season??