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Images by Brooke Richardson Photography

Images by Brooke Richardson Photography

Pencil skirts. So flattering. So versatile. So MEOW. Let's dig into these elements individually.

So flattering |

Pencil skirts are elongating and slimming. They hug and flirt with your curves and lines, making you look F I E R C E. The snugness draws the eye in, and the length draws the eye down.

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So versatile |

They're a great staple for your work wardrobe, but can be easily dressed down for a more casual vibe (like with a sweatshirt/tee/sweater to run errands) or even dressed up (think going out with your lover or friends). I mean, I've even paired one with a graphic tank and lacy bra to go out on the town. You have options for sure.

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There's just something powerful about a pencil skirt. I immediately feel rawr and ready to take on the world when I put one on. Trust me - try it!

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