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Images by Brooke Richardson Photography

Images by Brooke Richardson Photography

Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.
— Coco Chanel

Lately, I'm all about dressing in neutrals/basic pieces. and either accessorizing minimally (with dainty jewelry, etc) or stepping it up with statement pieces (shoes, jewelry, bold lip, etc). Not only does this make packing for trips easier (SCORE!), but it also creates a more timeless, classic, polished look.


This isn't to say I don't enjoy indulging in the occasional trend (cowboy boots, I'm looking at you!). It just means I'm embracing the simple life. As they say, "Keep it simple, stupid." (K.I.S.S.) Okay, so that may actually refer to writing a paper/delivering a speech can apply here too, so i'm appropriating it. Because I can. And replacing "stupid" with "sweetheart" because "stupid" is just R U D E. Right?! Awesome, knew you'd agree. 


If you're liking the sound of simplicity here are some tips:

  • Stock up on camisoles/tanks/tees in basic colors such as white, black, heather gray, nude, rust, olive green
  • Think minimal! Don't overwhelm the look with excessive layers/accessories/etc. Keep it to one statement piece (e.g. funky shoes, bright lip, or even a fun hair style)
  • The more simple the look, the more fit counts. Ensure flattering fits