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We almost did it. We almost made it through with a mild winter and minimal snow. Mother Nature be like, "PSSSSYYYCCHHEEE!" Joke's on us! At least if you live in Idaho.

Let's look at the bright side! Now we have more time and justification to wear those cozy chic winter clothes.

Let's talk layering. If spring fever seduced you into stashing those winter threads away out of reach already, then today's post is still for you - maybe even especially for you!

The layering trend piggybacked onto the '90s revival that swept the nation, and the trend lingered. This is fantastic for those transitional seasons (winter to spring, fall to winter), while the weather tries to figure its shiz out (as if it ever really does lately though, right?! Insert climate change "I told you so" here).

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Back to layering. Here's a list of reasons to layer:

  •  Makes it easy to accommodate temperature fluctuations
  • Takes a look from hoochie to professional (now you can wear your cute new spaghetti strap dress/top to work without getting sent home!)
  • Allows you to maintain modesty
  • Secures your spot on any current "best-dressed list"

To keep from looking like a schlump (like you rolled out of bed/gained 16 lbs) is to layer form-fitting items. You can get away with a looser-fitting item if the rest are tight. This is especially true if you're curvy! Form-fitting hugs and accentuates those curves, tapering in under them to show you actually do have a waist and legs. We'll address dressing for your body type in another post.

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Layering form-fitting items is also crucial if you're dressing for a photo shoot. Let's face it: cameras add bulk. Reduce the bulk by keeping it tooiiiigghhtt like a toiiiggga (translation: tight like a tiger, in a Dutch accent, per Austin Powers: Goldmember).

In my looks here, I had some fun with the look. I paired a solid-color dress with a tight thermal top with a fun print. To add warmth, I threw on thick knit tights. To add impracticality (not intentionally, but I don't let the weather tell me how to live my life!) I put on gold heels. For an extra punch, I wore a fun headband (as my nod to Gossip Girls, and because headbands just rule -  I'm convinced they'll make a comeback). 

Images by Brooke Richardson Photography

Images by Brooke Richardson Photography

You can be as polished/casual/grunge as you want to be with layering. Try a tight sweater under a dress, or a graphic tee under a lacy top/dress (that juxtaposition between dressy/casual makes it extra fun). 

Happy layering!



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